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Human Plasticity and Human-Machine Interface

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

How are our biologies, neurologies, and cultural norms affected by implantation of microdevices, social media, and alterations in our everyday and domestic environment? Speakers included Anders Sandberg (Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford Martin Senior Fellow, Oxford Martin School) on transhumanist criticisms of Elon Musk’s claim that neurointerfaces will reduce the risk from AI; Professors Nicholas Agar (Victoria University of Wellington) on human enhancement, Joseph A. Stramondo (Michigan State, San Diego State) on disability and well-being, and Serife Tekin (University of Texas, San Antonio) on intelligent psychotherapy bots and the philosophical and ethical implications of technology in the psychiatric sphere. Co-sponsored with BU Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science and the Harvard Center for Bioethics.

Results: This 3.5-hour international event was heavily attended and resulted in collaborations that have led to a special issue of Philosophy & Technology, to be edited by Russell Powell and Laura Specker-Sullivan, which has ten committed contributors and a January 2019 publication date.

We are grateful to the BU Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science and the Harvard Center for Bioethics for Co-Sponsoring this Event.

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