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Philosophical Platforms: Arendt, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein:

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Preserving the Diversity of Interpretations in an Age of Hypermedia.

Prof. Alois Pichler (Univ. of Bergen, director of the project and Prof. Thomas Bartscherer ("Nietzsche Source" project, Director, Bard's "Language and Thinking" program, working on Arendt's papers) joined commentator Prof. David Stern (University of Iowa Tractatus Map project. Questions addressed included, How to preserve the diversity and relevance of interpretations in a world of automatic manufacture of semantic ontologies, fan fiction, and elaborated academic platforms of collaboration. One workshop, one public event, one follow-up demonstration of the Arendt, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein platforms were held. Philosophical discussion centered on the nature of “documents”, “texts”, and the “integrity” and “authority” of a philosophical corpus.

Results: Future collaborations are planned to continue exploration of these relatively uncharted waters of philosophy. Genetic analysis of particular remarks is machine-implementable and was demonstrated on the Nietzsche Source project. This is planned as an augmentation to the Wittgenstein Source site, which may be integrated with the Iowa Tractatus map project. Theoretical issues concerning the ontology and nature of “integrity” of a text will continue to be discussed among members of the workshop seminar. Pedagogical experimentation with the Wittgensteinsource and University of Iowa Tractatus platforms commenced in the spring of 2018 with seminars at University of Iowa (Stern) and Boston University (BU) garnering user interface feedback from students about ways of mapping and integrating the platforms into future philosophical work and research.

We are grateful to BU's Department of Philosophy for Co-Sponsoring this Event.


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